How UptimeChecker was born

Tomislav Lombarović
In our first post you will hear the short story on how UptimeChecker was born. In first version we've built it just to be support for another cool product, but it grew out to support many more!

So, that first cool product was Draw and Guess game. This is the game where you can guess and draw doodles, play in multiplayer with people around the World, or in private room with your friends. It is available on the Web, Android and Windows Phone.

Now, we've built the game, and as we are obsessed with uptime and performance, we needed to be sure that game is always up and blazing fast. There are a lot of uptime monitors on the Web, but main component of Draw and Guess is WebSocket based backend, and really there is no plenty of choice of uptime monitors for WebSockets! So, we got idea: Let's build it from the scratch.

First version of UptimeChecker was primarily focused on WebSockets and simple email alerts, and to date, simplicity and usability is our priority. Later we added support for HTTP/S endpoints, PING checks, SMS and Slack alerts.

UptimeChecker is now full solution to monitor your HTTP/S and WebSocket applications, still simple and focused on usability, but you can configure important things: check intervals, min. downtime duration to report and different alert types. Also, if you need more, you can enable advanced configuration to check HTTPS/S response content, or send/receive test messages for WebSocket endpoints.

New to UptimeChecker? try our service with all features totally free for 14 days!
New to UptimeChecker? try our service with all features totally free for 14 days!